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Vieux 14/12/2005, 06h43
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The Ragga by Vanessa Etienne

The Ragga by Vanessa Etienne

"The Sega" is the route of many different styles of music played in the Kreol Culture, and the latest style of music is called RAGGA.

RAGGA is derived mainly from the new era of Sega mixed with our latest styles of R&B , Hip Hop and Seggae. Before going further l want to explain the word seggae. Just for those who do not know what seggae is. It is SEGA ( Serge Lebrasse) and REGGAE (Bob Marley) combined together.

Ragga is being heard in most of the Indian Ocean islands such as Mauritius, Rodrigues, Seychelles and La Reunion. It's very popular in the state of Louisiana, Jamaica, Haiti and surprisingly in England and France among the British Caribbean.

Ragga is a phenomenon that has only started 4-5 years ago in Mauritius. Its rise in popularity came after the death of a SEGGAE singer called KAYA, very much respected in the country for his new style. His death caused a lot of thinking in the young singer's crowd. Thinking, in what way? Thinking of changes and the political unrest in Society.

An example of a Ragga group is, Street Brothers. This group has been around before Kaya's death but wasn't very popular and accepted by the young crowd of Mauritius. Nowadays, you can meet youngsters who will only swear by the Ragga.

Long time ago as Serge Lebrasse said, Sega songs were being composed on the spot, either to express their situation or relate to their stories back home. Songs were more personal.

But now, in the 21st Century the Ragga is being composed to express various emotions from love to deception and, as a means to address the young crowd on DRUGS, PROSTITUTION, AIDS, DIVORCE, CORRUPTION and RACISM. You could say, Ragga is more politically motivated.

In summary, It can be said that the Creole music has been, and will continue to be the foundation and the essences of many diverse music styles…..from the Zydeco, a modern form of Creole music in the United States taken up and popularised by the Cajuns, to even inspiring new musical genres like the blues, jazz, bluegrass, swing, accapella, country, r'n'b, hip/hop, rap and even house.

What you may not know is that… Creoles were well-known to have ‘house' dances. Where they would clear out all the furniture (Kilpake is the term used in Seychelles and is also the title of Jean marc Volcy's popular hit) and bring in musicians who would play until early in the morning.

Subsequently, where the term ‘house' music derived from. In Louisiana this house music is referred to as lalala and in some in the Indain Ocean the famous bal ran zarico.

This is to prove that that never before in history has one culture had so much impact in today's music. Creole music will continue to inspire and be transformed by new influences..much like the Sega, Reggae, Seggae and now the, RAGGA!

Courtesy of "Le Courrier Creole"

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Vieux 14/12/2005, 14h22
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merci el-syd
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etienne, ragga, vanessa

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