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ZahoOL 12/09/2004 13h06

E Radiomoris PIMP MY ROOM 8)

SheHzaD555 12/09/2004 17h00

Re: Fair Un Nisa dan sa¿

Posté par kelly-ann barbot
Moi mo ti penser mo ti endesorde! Toi to bessoin le ENVIROMENTAL HEALTH department vinne kotte toi, to ena banne le ra qui po sorti dan sa lacambre las! :-D

Get a cleaner as a gal wouldn´t even set foot in your room! :oops:

Kelly-Ann xx :moris:

Coza Kelly Ann cherie 1 lepoc pas tanne toi la...mademoiselle dans costa del sol aster line blier londre...blier moi tout...

kelly to bizin donne zaza 1 peu lecon couma pou garde la samme tidy & clean

zahool kelly so la samme mille fois plis top ki pou toi.bien en orde

ZahoOL 12/09/2004 20h50

Anytime Kelly.... 8)

LeChef 23/09/2004 05h14

Re: Fer ene NiSaze Ec Moi !!!

Posté par ZahoOL
Sa mo la sam.. mo pe rode ki kene pou donne moi coud main pou nettoyer.. merci d'advance

This pic reminds me of a documentary that I watched a few months ago about some kids being bullied at school. They stopped going to school, stay in their rooms all the time and rarely shower. Their parents bring them food and refuse to seek help because of their cultures. They fear of being rejected by the society. I think the doc title was: Bullying - A widespread problem in Japan.

Anyway, Zahool deplaisant man :shock: :shock: :shock:

Attention la porte bloké ar sa desorde la man . Enfin, to va passe par la fenete :lol: :lol: .

samemsa 18/01/2006 00h14

in arrive ler pou fer impe recyclage l;ol

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