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L'ile moris comme vue par un journaliste etranger

Li pa fine oser dire toute la veriter en cas ki zote ferme li dans cachot.


Ed Harris, Journalist at Reuters Agency
“I have been in Mauritius for about 18 months. I have really liked the beautiful scenes of the island. There are great leisure activities and superb beaches here. It’s an incredible privilege that you guys have. It really surprises me that some people here don’t know how to swim. I also liked the honesty and the generosity of the people living here. I think that the family also plays an important role in the Mauritian culture. Mauritians give a great importance to their family. It even reflects in the national slogans often used to reflect on the solidarity and unity here.

But one thing has struck me here. It is the ethnicity and racism issues. It’s really fascinating. But there are a few things, which I have disliked. First, the traffic jams, which are such a big problem. Secondly, there is the rubbish. Especially on the beaches! Concerning the Mauritian press, I think that there are some emerging journalists. Personally, I like journalism when it is challenging. I wish that journalism here could have been more challenging and that the journalists would ask more profound questions.

Superficially, the press is absolutely free but Mauritius is such a small place. We have to be really careful about how to manage our contacts. The reality is that there is a sensitive balance that has to be maintained here. We have to be really careful. The Government here is trying to put too many restrictions on the press. The recent arrests of a few journalists is simply ridiculous. The restrictions, which the government is trying to put, are certainly wrong but the press also needs to be a responsible one. It must be balanced from both sides”
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