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Vieux 25/07/2004, 11h40
Avatar de ZahoOL
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Explosion Kills two in Mauritius

GRAND BAIE, Mauritius (Reuters) - An explosion in the tourist resort of Grand Baie on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius has killed two people and injured 13 others, police say.

"An explosion occurred at around 1:45 local time (10.45 a.m. British time on Saturday) in a building housing restaurants, bars and shops in Grand Baie," police spokesman Max Louison said.

"At this moment we are not in a position to say what the cause of the explosion is. But we are taking it very seriously."

The blast on Sunday, which killed a local man and a woman both in their mid-twenties, caused the top floor of the two-storey building partly to collapse and blew out windows on the ground floor.

Scores of soldiers were helping civilians and police officers remove debris from the site, while helicopters buzzed overhead, a Reuters witness said. Forensic experts were trying to find the cause of the blast.

"I hope that the police will complete their inquiries on this and that the cause of the explosion will be established as soon as possible," Prime Minister Paul Berenger told reporters.

"The explosion of gas cylinders as a cause cannot be discarded."

Police said the building had been completely evacuated. Four of the injured, who were all believed to be locals, had been taken to a nearby hospital.

Tourism is one of the main economic pillars on the tiny island of 1.2 million people, strategically situated between the African continent and Asia. Over 700,000 tourists visited its white sand beaches last year.

There was no immediate indication that the blast might have been deliberately caused, but the United States issued a travel advisory in March warning of a possible terrorist threat on the island and in the wider east African region, although Mauritius has no history of such attacks.

Mauritius in fact has actively promoted itself as a safe haven destination since the September 11, 2001 attacks on U.S. cities.

The island -- which lies 4,000 km (2,500 miles) east of South Africa -- is also a major regional banking centre and the world's seventh largest sugar exporter. It plans to turn itself into a "cyber island" information technology hub linking Asian software expertise with Africa.

Source : Reuters (Mauritius)
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Vieux 25/07/2004, 13h54
Avatar de jonno99
Date d'inscription: décembre 2003
Localisation: Mauritius
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Condolences to all those who were affected by the blast.
Hoping that it was NOT an act of terrorism.
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Vieux 25/07/2004, 14h06
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Very sad story. My brother knew the couple.
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Vieux 25/07/2004, 15h47
Avatar de SegaMan
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Zot kapav trouve plis details, video etc. dans journal televise MBC si zot interesser: http://mbc.intnet.mu/news.htm . Bizin realplayer selema.
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Vieux 25/07/2004, 18h36
Date d'inscription: novembre 2003
Localisation: London, England
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this is an awful tragedy
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Vieux 26/07/2004, 10h14
Couper Cannes
Date d'inscription: juillet 2004
Localisation: romania
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ca fer nou leker extra fer mal pou tende ene nouvelle coumsa. mo presente mo sincere condoleances o fami endeuiller
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Vieux 26/07/2004, 11h36
Avatar de blakka
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Localisation: florence,ITALY
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premier ministre dir 'KEEP COOL'
ena baize pou keep cool la,sa deux fami la inn perdi zot proche, bizin keep cool. dimounn p trouv la mort ar borbonn gas.enfin!mes condoleances pou sa 2 fami la,li bien bien triste trouv la mort coum sa.mo souhait ki en avenir bann dimounn pren conte dan la caze si p servi borbonn.
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Vieux 26/07/2004, 16h44
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me ti gagne sa news la le matin.apparemment sa ine passer lors Chaine Al-Jazeera lors Sky.1 cam ti tel moi ti dire moi sa.sinon tout mo banne sympatie a tout dimoune ki finne affecté par sa situation la
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Vieux 26/07/2004, 18h24
Avatar de kinsou
Date d'inscription: décembre 2003
Localisation: Paris
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Nos sincères condoméances de la part de toute l'equipe de radiomoris.
Quand un de nos compatriotes est touché par un malheur nous souffrons tous.

Laisse nous soutenir zot.
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Vieux 29/07/2004, 22h27
Date d'inscription: mai 2004
Localisation: FRANCE
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Zamé pou conne la vérité

Avan même qui l'enquête commencé éna des rumères qui pé circulé. Mo trouve domage qui au nom de l'économie, pou pas faire peur banne touristes, jamais nou pou conne la vérité. Mo pensé qui banne dimoune qui finne touché par ça l'évèvnement là, surtout ce qui finne perdu la vie, éna droit conne la vérité pour zot faire vraiment zot deuil.

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explosion, kills, mauritius

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