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Vieux 14/02/2006, 10h39
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Post Pas Bliyé Nous Racines

Biens chers amis mo fine gagne ce mail tel qui li été, ek mo empresse moi de le partager avec zot tous si certains d'entre nous qui seront à Maurice à ce moment la, mo espérer qui zot pou alle fer aine létour en nous nom ek zot ava kapav tenir nous au courant ...
__________________________________________________ ______________
Subject: [charm1] "Pa Bliye Nou Rasinn;" Lest We Forget Our Roots;"

"Pa Bliye Nou Rasinn;" Lest We Forget Our Roots;"
"Afin Que Nos Racines ne se Perdent"

Conference for Mauritian of the Diaspora

Mauritius: July 16 through July 23, 2006

Dear all,

Although this mail may appear to be a typical spam that you might feel
inclined to discard, in fact, it is not! I wish you would help me
distribute this email to as many of your Mauritian friends as you can.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Some of you might have heard of "Project 2006," which is aimed at
inviting our fellow Mauritians from around the world for a weeklong
conference in Mauritius. The theme chosen for the symposium is: "Pa
Bliye Nou Rasinn;" Lest We Forget Our Roots;" "Afin Que Nos Racines ne
se Perdent". Hosted under the hospices of "La Pastorale du Tourisme et
des Migrants," the symposium will run from July 16 through July 23,
2006 in Mauritius. Participants of the symposium will be Mauritians of
the diaspora who migrated to Europe, Australia, Africa, North America,
and Asia following the independence of Mauritius. Objectives of the
conference include but are not limited to:
- serving as a catalyst for carrying out critical functions such as
providing a sense of belonging and concern, transmitting a sense of
identity and direction, and strengthening values to the Mauritian
- serving as a vehicle for empowering and strengthening members of the
Mauritian diaspora and helping them to renew their ties with their
motherland and those who never left.
- celebrating, nurturing, and passing on the Mauritian
experience of philanthropy (i.e., giving talents,
time, and goods).
- providing a chance for Mauritians of the diaspora to come back to
Mauritius and reconnect with their motherland.
- creating an opportunity for those who left Mauritius and never came
back to revisit their roots.
- giving a chance for Mauritian immigrants of Australia, Europe,
Africa, America and Asia to meet and exchange experiences that will
enrich one another.
- giving an opportunity for interaction between those who left and
those who stayed.

The planning team anticipates a minimum of 1000 participants from the
Mauritian diaspora scattered over five continents, and we foresee the
vast majority of them arriving from Australia and Europe. A crowd of
about 200,000 people is expected to converge on Marie Reine de la Paix
for the "Big Gathering" that will conclude the conference on Sunday
July 23, 2006. With the gracious collaboration of Air Mauritius and
Agence Concorde, we are working at offering a very attractive
package to every participant who will be traveling for the conference.
More details about the package will follow by mid December.

Because we want to reach out to as many Mauritians as we can, we urge
you to make this information available to everyone you know. Your
address book is one of our best resources to communicate with our
prospective participants, and we will be very grateful if you would
forward this mail to everyone recorded in it. You can also help us by
supplying us with the following:
- electronic addresses or websites of Mauritian clubs
or organizations abroad
- radio stations, or programs run by or hosted for
the Mauritian communities overseas
- any other medium that you can suggest in order to
allow us to reach out to the maximum of Mauritian overseas.

Thank you so much for your help. A website about the conference will
soon be up and running. We will supply you the link in a future mail
which you will be able to share to your contact. May God bless you all.
Fr. Jocelyn Gregoire. (
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Vieux 14/02/2006, 16h48
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+ d'infos ici:
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Vieux 14/02/2006, 22h12
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oui bizin pas blier nu racine ec nu culture
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Vieux 15/02/2006, 12h56
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Sa meeting la li paret byen interessan. Mazine dimunn ki pe ariv le monn antye zot pe zoinn. Li pa zis enn kolok pu bann iniversiter, mo krwar zot pu al fer fet enn semenn. An plis ena posibilite pu gayn bann tarif promosyonel pu lavyon ek lotel.
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Vieux 15/02/2006, 21h40
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merci pou le msg NetR
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Vieux 15/02/2006, 21h45
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Mo souhaiter ki li pas la premiere et derniere fois.

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Vieux 15/02/2006, 21h48
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Tres bien dit Rocco , mais enfin ki kene in prend initiative pou met seryer
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bliyé, nous, pas, racines

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