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Vieux 04/12/2005, 19h58
Avatar de jonno99
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L'article sur Maurice dans TIME Magazine

Ene l'article dans Time magazine a propos Network+ so nouveau reseau sans fil NOMAD.

lien (traduction en francais) / link to article (in english)

Ki zotte penser? Eski reve 'cyber-island' pe finalement vinn 1 realité?

Tech Watch
Surf's Up
It's a wired, wired, wired world. But Mauritius wants it to be different

Saturday, Dec. 03, 2005

When you're lying on a beach in Mauritius and suddenly have the urge to surf — the Web that is, not the waves — you're in luck. The small (pop: 1.2 million) tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean was racing to become the first country in the world with complete wireless Internet coverage, but Macedonia laid claim to that title a few months ago.

Mauritian officials say that Macedonia's wi-fi technology, which creates a number of hot-spot "clouds" to cover the country, could lead to connections dropping out.

Mauritius is using the newer and fast-growing WiMax standard, which will create a single "hot zone" across the entire island. Dubai-based company African Digital Bridges (ADB) says its network services 40% of the island and 60% of the population, and that by early next year, Mauritius should be completely wi-fi. From that time, visitors will be able to borrow wireless modems and buy prepaid cards for their laptops at the main tourist hotels, allowing them to connect to the local network, whether they're out by the pool, at the bar or on the beach.

And you can do more than just check your e-mail. Rizwan Rahim, head of ADB Networks — which trades in Mauritius as Network Plus — says the company is creating a website to help visitors get the most out of their island stay. Tourists with the right Global Positioning System software in their computers will be able to link up with Network Plus as they explore the island, locating the nearest restaurant or bar. ADB decided upon Mauritius because its government has liberalized the technology sector and offered incentives to high-tech companies to set up there, and because the island's size allows for a quick rollout. "We want to introduce this new concept of mobility that we call Nomadism," says Rahim, "being able to move around with the Web wherever you go."

Tourism authorities hope the wireless network will convince business travelers to stay for a few extra days of holiday. But beware, vacationers — it will also mean that you're just a double-click away from the office. www.networkplus.mu
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Vieux 05/12/2005, 21h58
Super Fan RM
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Jonno99, thanks for sharing that article with us, its content does not surprise as Mauritius is fast becoming a cyber island. I recently visited the yearly Infotec exhibition at La mer rouge where I was most impressed with the technology that is being introduced to the island. The Wifi is already in situ, however only a segment of the island can benefit from it presently as the system is currently on a feasibility study.

No doubt in my mind that it will be a huge promotional plus for the Tourism industry as most tourists are associated with the business world. A few hotels already provide facilities for internet connection but the Wifi will definitely entice more visitors as the Tourism industry diversify to outreach areas such as Plaine Champagne, Domaine des chasseurs etc.
Well done Mauritius and you are on the right path, prove those nuts who underrate you that you have visions.

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Vieux 06/12/2005, 16h18
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Thanks for this article jonno
How some of us wished internet would have been much more accessible & affordable when we were using it down in MRU

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