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Vieux 26/05/2005, 12h04
Avatar de kinsou
Date d'inscription: décembre 2003
Localisation: Paris
Messages: 440
Mone reussi chek sa match la..

Vraiment du grand football.

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Vieux 26/05/2005, 13h57
Avatar de ZahoOL
Date d'inscription: novembre 2003
Localisation: RM Studio
Messages: 3 677
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Posté par malkin

puis 3-3 personne s'y attendais ça!!!!!!! en meme pas 2 min 2

buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus c'est

formidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaable ça!!!!!!! serieu trop beau match mais bon

j'ai pas eu de larmes hiiiiiiiiiii mais les anglais sont trop fort!!!! dommage

pour les italiens!! Alors qui sont les meilleurs???? hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
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Vieux 26/05/2005, 15h33
Avatar de Nathalia
Fan RM
Date d'inscription: juillet 2004
Localisation: Studio 2, Radiomoris
Messages: 1 356
You'll never walk aloneeeeeeeeeee

You'll never walk alone!

Très beau match, un vrai match, suis fière d'être liverpoolienne :P

En tout cas, mo ti bien apprécier ça bannes dialogues lor chat hier après le match
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Vieux 26/05/2005, 15h51
Date d'inscription: mars 2005
Messages: 246
Wai man
mone guet match la
ti 1 mari match sa ...
Big up for liverpool !!!
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Vieux 26/05/2005, 16h27
Avatar de DJ El-Syd
Fan RM
Date d'inscription: mai 2004
Localisation: London, UK
Messages: 1 098
Posté par SheHzaD555
Guette El-Syd

p Glacer...

ta el-syd to conner banne man u zotte pas vantard...
si ti mette banne palmares man u la...

enfin... liverpool perdi pas pou trouve zotte

p.s Syd next time to call moi pou coze liverpool... depuis cotte moi ici mo pou monte lors 1 batiment ek mo sniper plis mo pou baise toi 1 coute balle
Bon Czu mo pa pou bizin faire long long cozé... simplement ki Man U inn gagne sa coupe là zis 2 fois dan listwar...

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Vieux 26/05/2005, 16h55
Avatar de tipima
Fan RM
Date d'inscription: mars 2005
Localisation: France
Messages: 699
hey, ene mari fan club liverpool lor RM mo trouver!! best net!! pas pou narien nou camouade zot!! hein nath?!! ha!ha!ha!
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Vieux 26/05/2005, 21h49
Avatar de Nathalia
Fan RM
Date d'inscription: juillet 2004
Localisation: Studio 2, Radiomoris
Messages: 1 356
équipe officielle de RM

Hey oui tipima, mo trouver ene bonne partie bannes radiomorisiens coltar fan LFC Mo croire nou bisin fer LFC vine l'équipe football officielle de RM :P (Alla mo gagne baté ek Za et Zaa)
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Vieux 26/05/2005, 22h17
Avatar de panikman
Date d'inscription: décembre 2004
Localisation: uk
Messages: 42

tout sa bane goal ki liverpool in mette la foss.
liverpool ene lekip mari bon mais milan in less li gagne parceki apre combien banane liv in vine lore final.
mais moi mo trouve ena kitchose pas normal dan sa football la apre half time. aster nous pou gate apre combien temps li pou re vine lore final, moi mo pance dan ene 10ans capave avec la chance sa oui.

bom mo conne bane suporter liverpool la capave mange moi cri la mais mo pe koze la veriteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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Vieux 26/05/2005, 23h40
Avatar de mikel
Date d'inscription: janvier 2005
Localisation: Montpellier, France
Messages: 144
panikman mo pa ti réponne tout sa létemps la, parceki moé si kouma certains nous banne compatriote, mo éne die hard liverpool, mo ti nek pé lire, la to pé rode problème la mo piti, critiqué pou critiqué, li mari facile sa, abé ki to l'équipe toi, lér la nou capave lance éne vrai débat, pas dire moi ki to sa lespèce lékip ki appel MAN U la, parceki, zisse écrire so nom mo pé envie vomi...........dépi mo lenfans mo éne liverpoolpudlians, mone né en 1976, dans télévision nek sa même lékip banne la ti apé cozé, d'ailleurs, 1975-76 1976-77 1978-79 1979-80 1981-82 1982-83 1983-84 1985-86 1987-88 1989-90, mo raconte toi éne ti zistoire...mone mette pariaze ek éne camarade dans travail, pa boucou, 10 euros, kan ti éna 3 zéros pou milan, line manze mo coco éne kalité sa....mone dire li pourtant, tant ki referee pa encore soufflé 90 minutes, c anglais même ki dire sa, plizire fois zot ine prouve nou sa......parole ki longue.....sirtout boucou banne lézot camouad travay, vinne casse dans tas, zot pé prend mari sani moi are, mo pé traite zot de opportuniste, car zot pa pou éne lékip, mais zot la pou casse dans tas.......abé mone mari fier are sa lékip la......

Voila mon petit panikman, mo dédié toi sa ti santé la

You'll Never Walk Alone

When you walk through a storm,
Hold your head up high,
And don't be afraid of the dark.
At the end of the storm,
There's a golden sky,
And the sweet silver song of the lark.
Walk on through the wind,
Walk on through the rain,
Tough your dreams be tossed and blown…
Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart,
And you'll never walk alone…
You'll never walk alone.
Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart,
And you'll never walk alone…
You'll never walk alone...

friendly mikel
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Vieux 26/05/2005, 23h53
Avatar de carizako
Date d'inscription: juin 2004
Localisation: attention mo derrière toi
Messages: 459
Mo bien content mo finne commence ca thread la et mo remercier tous banne dimun ki finne donne zot lopinion objectif.Mo sagrin mo pas ti lor chat parski mo trouver ki mo finne mank boucou, mo cousin ti la et nou ti pe mette nissa.Mo pas pou diskit d'avantage mais mo pou met les faits divan zotte.
Eski zot conner ki

Europe hails Reds' renaissance
Thursday, 26 May 2005

Astonishing, unbelievable, bewildering, sensational. Liverpool FC's superlative victory against AC Milan has caught the imagination of the European media, with one German paper calling it the greatest ever UEFA Champions League final, and others in agreement that this was a throwback to the golden days of the European Champion Clubs' Cup.

Trounced by half-time, triumphant by the end, Liverpool celebrated their fifth European Cup all the more joyously because of the astonishing manner of victory. Alan Hansen and Kenny Dalglish had said that success against AC Milan would surpass any of their achievements and, in coming back from three goals down last night, Steven Gerrard and his team-mates can be sure they have earned their place in Anfield's hall of fame. (The Times, England)

It took someone with the vision of HG Wells to construct this stadium amid the pylons and rubble on the extreme margins of Istanbul. It would have required a storyteller with the equivalent imagination to foretell this night of football. In the space of six minutes early in the second half a formality warped into an epic. It was as if an Andy Pandy tale had been twisted into the Godfather. And at the end of it and with the clock showing half past midnight, sure enough, we had a shoot-out. (Guardian, England)

"We're gonna win 4-3!" they said at half-time. They might have got the method of victory incorrect, but otherwise no wonder they say Liverpool supporters are the most knowledgeable in football. Not content with having played a part in the finest UEFA Cup final of all time four years previous, Liverpool contrived to manufacture the most amazing European Cup showpiece since the days of Puskas, Di Stefano and all the other greats of a black-and-white age. (Liverpool Daily Post, England)

Unbelievable. Milan lost on penalties a trophy they had already won. They lost it in painful - extremely painful - fashion. Because a team that scores three goals in the first 45 minutes, outclasses the opposition, tears them apart with superb moves, cannot concede three goals in six minutes. Those fatal six minutes after the interval wiped out everything. (Gazzetta dello Sport, Italy)

It was not a question of Milan being tired because they dominated extra time. However, six minutes of madness at the start of the second half were enough. This was sufficient for Liverpool, humiliated in the first half, to pull of a success that was, frankly, unbelievable. (Corriere dello Sport, Italy)

Liverpool have been pronounced brilliant winners of the Champions League following a commanding penalty shoot-out performance against Milan. The encounter ended unresolved in 3-3 draw thanks to the overwhelming pride shown by Rafael Benítez's team in the first 15 minutes of the second half, with three goals in six minutes. (Marca, Spain)

Liverpool's renaissance, then, has no limit. Cruising from the third qualifying round to deal knockout blows to Juventus, Chelsea and Milan, the Reds gave Europe a bewildering final which ended in tears of joy for them. Perhaps an even greater upset than Manchester United's last-gasp victory against Bayern in the 1999 final. (L'Equipe, France)

It was gigantic. It was sensational. It was out of this world. Thank you, Milan. Thank you, Liverpool. For the best Champions League final in history. Milan were 3-0 up at half-time and Liverpool looked down and out. But then the wonder of Istanbul happened. The English side only needed six minutes to equalise and went on to win on penalties. The gigantic final had two heroes. Liverpool keeper Dudek, who saved two penalties, and then Didi Hamann. Our international came on as a substitute in the second half, took control in the engine room and sunk Liverpool's first penalty. (Bild, Germany)

Wednesday's 3-3 draw is the highest scoring final since and Hernán Crespo became the first player since Puskás in 1962 to score two goals in the fixture and still lose. The match also helped rewrite the history books in many other ways, not least by giving Liverpool their fifth European crown and their first since 1984 - making England the most successful nation in European club competition with 28 trophies, followed by Italy and Spain on 27.

Pas capave dire ki finne gg zot match la parski li ene prestige pou football zot pays.Zot pas ti pou laisse Liverpool gg 5 coupes couma zot.

Permanent home
The current trophy is the fourth version of that design with UEFA regulations allowing any club that wins the competition fives times or three times in a row to keep the cup. Madrid, AFC Ajax, FC Bayern München and Milan all have originals in their trophy rooms. Liverpool are four-times winners and, should they triumph tonight, the current trophy will find a new home at Anfield.

Dernierement li meme premier lekip anglais ki fer li.(gagne 5 fois)

Mo pena narien dautre a dire nek lire.
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champions, liverpool

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