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Vieux 14/02/2005, 18h31
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acoz ene ti minoriter,,,,,,,bane les zot penaliser,
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Vieux 14/02/2005, 18h49
Date d'inscription: avril 2004
Messages: 37
Yeah, i totally agree, I know a lot of exRCC who are quite nice and have good manners as well. Li pa ene generalite. N mo oussi mone quitte collez 98, pa ti ena sa bane kalites debordements la. N mo pe truver banne ex-RCC pe seye defane zot, the point its not about the RCC anyway, its just mentalite ki sa bane pitis la ena pou alle fer graffiti (mari obscene) lor leglise ek vide urine lor bane tifis.
Si kikene pe defanne zot, eski zot oussi zot ti pou participe dan ene tell manifestation ek donne ene coupdemain fer ene ti dessin ou zot ti pou degouter ek seye empeche sa?
Aster who is to blaim for their mentality, mo pa pou prnonce moi, is it zot collez, parents, environnement, professeur? I dont know, libre a chacun pou pense sa ki zot envie.
Sa ki grave, c'est ki bannes pitis la pu grandi ek sa mentaliter la, i hope li chanzer kan zot grandi.
N someone mentioning about intelectual elite, n let them fry their onions? Li truve sa intelectual elite li? lol Ena ene bel difference entre education ek instruction, n HSC is no rocket science pou bane ki gagne 3As vine "intelectuel". Ene intellectual ena ability to think, mo pa croire li demane buku brain cells pu fer ''pipi'' dan ene bouteille, transporte li dan ene bus de curepipe a quatre-bornes, apres gagne ene mari plaisir avoye li lor bannes tifis. Hmmmmm intellectuel sa??????
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Vieux 14/02/2005, 20h24
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Zette De lo remplie ek l`urine
si ena 1 banne ti zenfant rcc lors base 1 ti message pou zotte :

Banne sekine fer sa 1 seul option zotte ena... alle mette zippe...cause ti garcon pas fer 1 banne travaille coumsa... terrorise banne mamzelle... enfin... zotte encore bambin... (pese nene du lait sorti)
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Vieux 14/02/2005, 22h53
Date d'inscription: février 2005
Messages: 21
Lolz DinaRobin.By all means fry to your hearts content .Problem is I have tears in my eyes.Yet I am an innocent bystander(not of the intellectual type ).Oh what 2 do,what to do,what to do.OOOooooops a string has broken off me violin.
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Vieux 14/02/2005, 23h27
Avatar de Jaz
Jaz Jaz est déconnecté
Date d'inscription: janvier 2005
Localisation: London
Messages: 395
peze nenez diler sorti vet dir sa?????????????????????????????
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Vieux 15/02/2005, 00h27
Avatar de ZahoOL
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a cose bannes minoriter tete bruler ki majoriter paye le po casser.
Kan to ena 17/18 ans disang encore so. Bannes Zeness la pe defoule zot .. ine capow arrive derapaz mais a cose piti RCC sa donc pou mediatise li.

Si sa em ene piti dans ene ecole dans village ti fer sa..

''Wai reste dans bitation sa... maniere zot pena..''
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Vieux 15/02/2005, 01h14
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Posté par kassepaker
...Yet I am an innocent bystander(not of the intellectual type )...
I gathered as much from your lack of cogent arguments.

Your bone of contention seems to lie with the fact that these kids were from RCC. I, for one, do not condone the disgusting behaviour described heretofore. However, I am puzzled by the urge of some people to hasten to make it an issue about elite schools, when we should really be questioning the values the mauritian society is instilling in kids these days. Ine tender sa, "encadrement"?????

Anyway, insofar as this thread is of no interest to me anymore, I will stop posting here.
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Vieux 15/02/2005, 01h42
Couper Cannes
Date d'inscription: juin 2004
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No need to get upset because of the some idiots! They do not the represent RCC or the elite of Mauritius anyways. I want to reorientate the debate to the real questions: Are these schools really manufactures elite in Mauritius? And what kind of elite do we want? What is the right definition of 'elite'? Does it exist?....
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Vieux 15/02/2005, 03h13
Avatar de DJ El-Syd
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The subject of this topic is: Manifestation degoutant au LCQB, elite intelectuel?????... Many opinions have been made and it is now time to close the subject and let appropriate authorities deal with it as it has now overrun any sensible reason for continuing this discussion here any further...

We do not want any kind of hooliganism to spread on the forum...

Thank you for your cooperation on this matter...

Topic Locked...
Discussion fermée

degoutant, elite, intelectuel, lcqb, manifestation

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