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Vieux 18/11/2008, 10h39
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On Friday 17.10.08, a lady residing at Trou-d’Eau-Douce informed representatives of ACIM and CPU during a radio broadcast of MBC at 9.40 that she had called CWA on 170 because of shortage of water. Workers of the CWA called at her place and could only recommend her to install a water-pump. Do you gauge the consequence of this advice ? The lady further told that all the other consumers of CWA were already using water-pumps.

All this is the consequence of an attempt on the part of CWA to decrease loss of water to 20%. Water comes out of the tap dropwise because of valves placed in distribution pipes. Very soon we may have only air coming out of the tap and CWA will be rebaptised CASA, Central Air Supply Authority.

Most domestic water-pumps are rated 0.75 HP. It may take about 2.5 hours to fill the tank on the roof, consuming 1.5 Kwh. Is there any estimate as to the number of households using sucn pumps ? If only one percent of the 350 000 households of the country uses domestic water-pumps, the energy consumption for one year is about 2 millions kwh. It is left to you to imagine the avoidable wastage of imported fossil fuel, as all this can be done by God-given-gravity, without spending a cent. The above is not meant to lower the merit of anyone, but above all, to bring out the urgent need to increase the water pressure in the distribution pipes. Please, do not play hide-and-seek behind rusted pipes unable to withstand higher pressures.
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