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Vieux 13/11/2008, 08h54
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“Tasteless performance”

Rarely has a minister been so arrogant in the House than the tasteless performance of Rama Sithanen last night as it was broadcast on the equally tasteless and demeaning Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation. Sithanen is the very minister who did not know to whom he should send his letter of resignation as a minister and he walked with the letter in his pocket while making use of all the perks of his office. Dignity demnands that a mi-

nister commands dignity. He has failed miserably. Since there will be most probably a by-election , he will be given a taste of his own medicine by the middle class which has been so punished by his ultra-liberal policies. Besides, for all his so-called expertise he did not see – as he does now – any looming recession lurking in the Mauritian shadows in the wake of the global financial crisis…
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