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We met on the internet
We chatted and eventually met
It was a cold day in Paris
Saw your shy smile that I couldn’t possibly miss
Your beautiful grey eyes, tender and friendly
Welcoming and reassuring, I went to your place eagerly
A true Mauritian home, warm and pretty
I felt at ease and we watched TV
We ate lots of chocolates and ate Chinese and more
We talked, chatted, laughed and did lots more
I still feel the cold we experienced in Paris
The stroll in the snow from Gare du Nord is
Forever embossed in my memory
At Saveur des Iles, where we ate briyani
We went shopping in FNAC
And we ate all those nice Mauritian snack
Do you remember the socks you bought?
Because your feet were cold, a lot.
Nevertheless, we had marvellous fun
Especially at your house warm with rays of sun
That was our fun Xmas together
And cheers to our friendship that will last forever!
Wherever your feet take you to
I wish all the best for you
Because you deserve it so
But I shall miss you so, MOMO!!!!
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