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salut a dev et a tous

i am among those few who have been offered the opportunity to work abroad on the skilled immigrants scheme. it's been 17 months already now since i left mauritius for the channel islands but believe me there's no better place than my homeland

i know the situation is not great in mauritius but this is the trend everywhere else in the world and we being a small island make things a little more complicated. politics and the people governing the island are useless we all have to agree but don't let people bully you

what a pitty to see people leaving their wife and kids behind, selling there home and leaving a decent job to try something new in a alien land. if one thinks life is better elsewhere then he is totally wrong! no matter how skilled and qualified one is, he will always struggle now just imagine those people who 'p rod trace n la vie'

don't leave what you have to try something new in a new country unless there is no other options
Tout à fait d'accord avec toi enfin si zot envie ale gueté ki p passé ailleurs laisse zot ! Des fois ena gagne zot sens !
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