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Vieux 18/09/2007, 10h16
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Should G.W.Bush as a War monger be prosecuted by an internal court over the followings?
  • For persuading and indoctrinate other world leaders into going to wars against innocent nations for oil?
  • For his cover up in the 9/11 tragedy when all the aircrafts were grounded in the USA except the Saudis ones?
  • When Iraq was found to be free of WMD, shouldn’t George have stood trial for his wrong assumption and his eagerness to kill?
  • When is the world going to rise to stop those young soldiers and innocent people getting killed daily?
If the world is no longer safe today, it’s because of Bush and his puppets, and now the truth is coming out of N0 10 Downing Street

Your views are welcomed as we supposedly have more than 10.000 members now, where are you?


"as we supposedly have more than 10.000 members now, where are you" besoin rode sa dix mille membres la avec torche pour réussi trouve zotte pour qui zotte donne zot l'opinion.
Lors Bush , la france avant ti toujours contre so ban décisions ki li ti lors l'irak , l'iran mais azordi avec le Tsar Nicolas S , la france pé foncé tête baissé avec ban ricains.
Pourquoi pas ene procéss pour W pour tou ce qui to fine cité Frero?
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