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Vieux 07/09/2007, 21h46
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Let me tell you all about my fantastic summer holidays. Well, it did not really start well. Nevertheless, I was still happy as I was on holidays… finally… after a whole bloody year of tremendous hard work and stress. It’s just such huge relief to know that you don’t need to hear the exasperating alarm buzzing in your ears and shattering your fantastic dreams every morning. I can finally laze around, wake up whenever I want; going to bed whenever I want and do whatever I want!!! Anyway, let’s come to the point… my summer 2007!!! It was smashing… and… romantic!!! For once, I was going to have a real wicked-cool-relaxing time with the love of my life! We were going to the stunning island of Sicily. Well, island means beach, sand, sun, sea…. and above all, swimming suit (that’s not my favourite part). I did get stressed out about wearing swimming suit and I therefore did a conscious effort to lose some weight so as not to scare the gorgeous Italian guys on the beach (not much of a success, I should admit). But well, cheerio, who cares? I was gonna have fun no matter what and hey guys, just be blind when I pass along your way with my swimming suit on.
Did I mention that it did not start well? Well, that was because I fell sick two days before the D-Day… irritating ear ache and had to take tons of pain-killers. I thought I had to cancel my dream… and needless to say, that blew my mood off. I had to get my luggage ready…. And heaven knows how I managed that with my excruciating ear pain. That ready… Now comes the long, unending coach journey to the airport. 3 bloody hours to Stansted airport… can you believe that!!!! I was utterly sick and exhausted by the time we reached there… not to mention that it was freezing cold (just to mention that England did not have summer this year). The cheap Ryanair plane was far from what we call luxury and way too uncomfortable but it was good value for money, I should say.
The view of the turquoise blue Mediterranean ocean; just looking at this vast blue ocean gives you the soothing feeling of utter peace and relaxed atmosphere. Yes, it did take my breath away… yes, it take did take my ear ache away!!! All worries faded away!!! And when we finally landed, the Sicilian passengers were clapping hands!!! Wow!! I have never seen that before!! Guess they were relieved to be still alive and to be far from chilly England! I joined in the clapping… it was so exciting! I was finally at heaven’s door! Let’s hope and pray that Saint Peter immigration officer would let me in! Hurrah, San Pietro was in a marvellous mood that day and welcomed me to Paradise! Buon giorno Sicilia! Ti amo!!!
Well, I shall tell you more later.
To be continued....
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