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eh rocco, est qui to parent capave louer zote la caz avec moi et mos famille quand mo conger faire moi pense description Mark Twain quand to pes decrire to parents zote place....

I have also known many familly and friends who have tried to settle back home after many years in UK, but have not adapted very well and returned to Europe. I think to adapt to life in Moris depends on the individual and their circumstances.

Initially, Moris has lots to offer, after the honeymoon period is over and all the beaches have been visited and all the ' la biere Phoenix ' consumed, you are left to ponder and wonder and still wonder..what am i doing here? and you make a quick exit on the first available flight.

Ah nothing like home! Even if it s a one bedroom flat in Tottenham, and the windows don t shut properly and the gust of wind blows bitterly cold from the north pole, and your landlord is demanding his rent money which you haven t paid, because Mcdonalds are late in paying your wages, and you eat your Heinz baked beans from the tin, on your own, in your one bedroom flat in Tottenham, in North London.
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