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Hi, Just wanting your thoughts about moving back home after 20 years, I live in South Carolina, USA, now and was wondering what life is really like back home, would like the pros and cons, thanks in advance, Marc
By the way I do miss my dhollpouris ek boulette poissons!!
Marc, the idea is fruitful but it’s a hefty decision my friend, especially when other members of your immediate family are concerned. To adapt in Mauritius, one has to be 100% Mauritian in every way and forget comparisons with the western world.
I have encountered so many expats who fell in love with the island, moved back, built the most beautiful houses, and then when boredom settled, they started blaming the Mauritian society.
My parents returned back to the island after having spent 30 years in the Uk, they’ve never looked back. They are the happiest couple in the world, SIMPLICITY is the key factor.
I am presently spending a few months in Europe and I can assure you that I miss the island terribly. Nowhere in this world can fulfil our Mauritian needs as the island can.

Si to envi move back, to pou ena asser resource pou vivre ene la vie grandiose mais vivre ene la vie simple pou to enjoy tizile. Premier zaffaire mo parents ti faire lere zote ti retourne morice CT de ne pa parler anglais dans zote l’entourage. Zote ti faire construire ene la caze avec ene façade European mais a l’arriere, l’environement est 100% style mauricien longtemp, li ena cazote poules, canards, volieres pou banne zoizo tropical, 2 cabris et 2 Berger Almands.
Mo dire toi, kand banne coqs la chanter dans gramatin, na pena pli belle nissa ki to capave gagner.
Mo papa fine plante tous banne frutiers moricien ki to capave croire et en eter to senti toi dans paradis.
Souvent li kitte so loto lacaze pou voyage par transport public pou na pas stress li dans embouteillage lor chemin.
Good luck in your endeavour.

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