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Vieux 24/01/2004, 21h52
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Thank you, RadioMoris!

Saturday, 24 January 2004

Dear Administrator of RadioMoris,

I do a lot of listening to many different kinds of music on broadband Internet webcasts using my RealPlayer software, and I am very happy to have found and added your most beautiful and well-presented Internet radio to my list of favorites.

You are doing a first-class job of sharing your country Mauritius' beautiful music with the world community. Your audio quality is top rate and, most importantly, the music is especially enjoyable to listen to.

For citizens of Mauritius living overseas and fortunate enough to have access to the Web, your presence on the Internet must be a real blessing.
For the rest of us who are newcomers to your music, it is enriching.

Keep up your fine work, and thank you for being here. You are the best!

I write as a world music enthusiast from North America,

most sincerely,

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