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Vieux 16/02/2006, 21h29
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Posté par Rocco
Kershia, it's nice to come on this forum to seek advice, however I personally think that the word Chicolo is insufficient, could you be a little more precise as to when and where you heard it in Mauritius.
Was it sung by a male or female singer?
I am certain that someone will come to your rescue.
Good luck.

Oh. Sorry :'(
It was a male singer in a band called the "Harmony" band. As far as where I heard it, we were staying at a hotel called Le Mauricia and there was a sort of singing competition between everyone who worked at the hotel and the guy from the band sang this song. Honestly as far as another word besides "Chicolo" is concerned I have no idea. I can't (even though I desperatley wish I could) speak creole. all I know is it was "Chicolo ti" something something.
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