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think that you guys should make something else, like vips things, this person been here for how much hours and now he is a vip,, then the vip can ask for more songs..
Yeah, you're right! It was indeed the case on the former RM site! The more you posted, the quicker you got your songs played! Hey rastawan, you say priority should be given to those spending much time online! It would be really to easy to stay only all day long and have priorities over the others! The only 2 messages u posted were only meant to critisize RM's rules while active members who participate on the forum etc said nothing about all this!

On my point of view, priority should be given to active members! A nice option would be: The more you post, the more songs you can request per hour.I don't know if my colleagues gonna think about it but I think it'll be a good way to encourage more and more members to participate actively on the forum...
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