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Vieux 09/08/2004, 16h39
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Mayo Violation

No, Mayo, no - you cannot leave like that. It is really very, very, very sad to read your news. However, I - at your place - would not say good bye to Radio Moris that easily. I would, first of all, ask why my request was not taken into consideration and who was that improfessional person and I also would require a profound explanation for this bad behaviour. In my opion, this action demonstrates an inacceptable, unprofessional and irresponsible attitude. I'm pretty sure, that, if Radio Moris is not willing to take the consequences, other members will follow and it will make the chat room dull and boring in future. There are constant members like yourself, Agni Boss, Babas, Soleil62, Jonno99, Pris2000, Bissous, Kinsous, Segaman, Bluetender, Jean Michel, Netrunner and so on and, of course, myself. We are the people that bring Radio Moris to live and make the chats interesting. Warm regards to you, Mayo. L.N.