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Re: langaze moricien

Posté par shehzad555
What you guys don`t understand is that am doing my best to keep this forum clean and neat.whats if there is a topic on mauritian tea and someone is talking about Sega music on the same topic?what would happen! The original conversation will die.Personaly i think that everybody is old and mature enough to know about what they are posting on the forum.
i`ve given three things above which i won`t tolerate in any circumstances.
Once again i`ll hold on to what i`ve said.i won`t TOLERATE it.
I think that we understand what you're trying to achieve and it's a sensible thing to do. It's just the general tone of your message tough - it may come across as rather authoritarian and overbearing to some people.

Enfin, au moins nous encore pe coz lors language (meme si c'est ene meta-comment ki mo pe fair...)
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