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Re: A propos langaz moricien

Posté par Lewis Nadal
Dear Sir Shehzad,

above stated comment I do not understand. As it had already happened twice that my comments were deleted I would like to make clear that this is an inacceptable procedure. We are all enjoying the freedom and liberty of free speech and there is no reason to suppress any opinion even though it might not be pleasant to everyone and thus violating a basic human right. In case you are not able to guarantee this freedom and I will not hesitate to cancel my Radio Maurice membership since I just want to enjoy a lively discussion and to exchange experiences.

Kind regards.

Hello Lewis,

Please try to stay within the topic. There's a tendency to stray off-topic quickly. If you want to talk about a particular subject, please create another thread and we will have the pleasure to participate.

Your other post was deleted because it was promoting piracy.

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