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Vieux 07/07/2004, 18h37
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Lack of skilled workers has led to a lack of skilled jobs. There are tons of Mauritian students studying abroad. Even if they all came back, it would be unlikely for them to find jobs in their fields. More ofthen than not, they would be forced to accept jobs that they are over-qualified for.

Even if you are lucky to find a job, it would not match the foreign level of pay or quality of life.

Same is true in N.america. Almost everone has a BA/B.Com/B.Sc so it is hard to find jobs. You either have to continue your education or get polytechnic training.

In a perfect world, the cybercite is a good idea and helps to solve some of these problems. As foreign companies build offices, Univ. of Mauritius and other institutions can offer the programs that MATCH education with work skills.
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