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Agree with you Raj.

Long Live RadioMoris

Posté par Raj
Typical of MASA they cannot even protect the rights of mauritian artist locally now they want to ban or shall I say attempt to ban thi station. Just like the backward thinking government of Mauritius , they cannot see that

1. it promotes Mauritian music abroad - which can only be good news as more cds will be sold if the listeners like the music

2. It bring a whole nation together despite the efforts of all the governments from independence to date to divide and rule this nation on the basis of ethnic belonging

3. Its the only popular language that bring the whole nation tigether whatever their ethnic origin .

4. It's not only Kreol that you can listen to on here but also bhojpuri.

5. If they don't like the people of Mauritius who are scattered all over the world to listen to our music, they should stop encouraging us to invest in the country . How much foriegn currencies makes it way in that economy becuase we support the our parents/ relatives in mauritius.

6. Typical of backward thinking people who want to discourage progress. Do they really understand the effort and technology that i sbehind this project?

And lsatly they can ALL GET STUFFED . we Mauritian overseas like it and nothing will stop it.

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