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New ideas

Je peux faire une traduction en Français si vous le souhaitez.
Hello all,

I have several ideas that I'd like to be implemented.

First, a sort of automatic request system (dédicaces). For this, the
only good software I found that does this is on Windows. I'll have to get
a Windows server to do this. Radio Moris now runs on Linux. To get the
Windows server, I'll have to max out the current one with 50+ people
listening all the time.

2. An online chat system. There are 20-30 people during the day listening.
I think it would be great to let you communicate with each other. Tell
me what you think and the system to use: IRC, AIM, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger...

3. I'm getting a CD cover scanned next week. This CD will be given
away in December. An announcement will be made.

4. Radio Moris needs some jingle and user comments on mp3.
You can record some audio with words like "I like Radio Moris", "J'écoute
Radio Moris"... and send them to me ( I would like
to get in touch with an audio/radio professional to create some jingles for
Radio Moris.

Lastly, get the word out and enjoy. We need more people.



Here's a bonus for geeky people:
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