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Hi there,
this is for the competition to win the CD!!

1::I'm in UK!
2::Am a student and actually working in Switzerland
3::I came to know about radiomoris from the london mauritianparty website
4::I think that's a brilliant idea to start with and its very cool. Cool in the sense that I just switch on my PC on when I go home and can listen the best tunes of Mauritius 24/24 and 7/7!! That's wicked!! I've seen that people are complaining about playing songs from the same artists!!! I think this happens because there is only 1 channel and hence the obvious solution is to 'probably' increase the number of channels. This will help varying the tunes. The different channels will read from the same music library but will also make sure that different songs are being played in those different channels. More variety, more choice, the waiting time (300 mins) won't be that long since you can ask for it again in a different channel, well this might improve the site. A different thing: it would be great if the real artists could participate on this website (talking about themselves, their future projects, their address, their background, pictures, and many more). Also, add their video clips!!! Why not make this site a new ...MMTV!! (Moris Music) something like that!! I think sega, bhojpuri, ragga and so on...made in Mauritius...they are great and need to be encouraged a lot!! They have a great future and it can start from here to conquer the world!!