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Probleme la ce qui dans sega la mo pas trouve beaucoup nation couma moi
Salut mo frere,

I must disagree with this bro, I am mixed raced, what they used to call half-caste when I was growing up and milatre en Kreole. My father is a Kreole, a black mauritian of that there is no doubt, but his blood is far from pure... this is not unusual in Mauritius or for black people anywhere within the diaspora. My fathers siblings go from the darkest black to light brown but they all share the same blood! So is the darkest one a black mauritian and the lightest one not?

You may wonder why I am telling you all of this, well there is a reason. Black mauritians like many black people whose ancestors were kidnapped from Africa range from mixed heritge to almost pure African blood. I say almost because I know many black people who you would think were of 100% african ancestory but have chinese, indian, jewish, syrian etc mixed in somewhere so it is very difficult to judge racial purity purely by looks alone.

So were there any black mauritians at concert in belgium, yes there were if your criteria for a black mauritian is someone who clearly has african ancestory, I saw Africa in all its beautiful hues and all mixtures. But if you are looking for pure African liniage you ain't getting that anywhere outside of the motherland baby.

Brother its the ancestory that we have in common that makes us the black nation, everything in between is vanity.

No matter the country of origin, hue or mixture black people within the diaspora share a common history, displacement, but also a glorious past. A history as old as time itself.

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