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Vieux 05/06/2004, 22h50
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I think it's pathetic that MASA thinks is promoting piracy. Why can't MASA see that radiomoris is trying to promote Mauritian music globally. Hence when users log on to radiomoris, and listen to the sega songs, they enjoy them, and as time goes by and new artists and songs are released, users of radiomoris, have that chance of listening to this music, and no doubt they will go out and buy the artists album. How is all this piracy? It makes no sense at all, as radiomoris is here to promote the Mauritian music. I think MASA needs to get it's facts right before making pathetic comments.

Well done to radiomoris for promoting Mauritian music, and for bringing Mauritians all over the world together. Ene sel le pep, ene sel nation
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