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Last time I went to Mauritius, in Oct-Nov 2003, I bought RS25 000 worth of Séga Music and Ragga Kréol on genuine CDs... The only problem I had then was that I had to do a Mauritian Party at Selby Centre in Tottenham, North London, the day after I got back in the UK and I tried to play some of the new tunes that I had acquired but the crowd did not respond very well because they did not know the new riddims... The problem we have in the UK is that people would not dance to a song if they don't know it or have never heard it before.

But I think since then, with the increasing popularity of Radio Moris, people from all around the world have had the opportunity to listen to many old time classics as well as to the many new different tunes / riddims / talents that have been arising from Mauritius and neighbouring islands in the recent years. Radio Moris has greatly raised the awareness of people from around the world... not just mauritian ex-pats but people of many different nations alike.

Nowadays, when I'm out doing my deejaying, I have no worries playing my new Mauritian tunes or the music from our neighbouring islands because thanks to Radio Moris the people have already been exposed to the new vybes... Which is another reason why I think people, not just the mauritian nationals but anybody who tunes in and enjoy our music, would be interested to buy these products if they are made available to them...

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