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Vieux 05/06/2004, 17h34
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Hello El-Syd,

The monthly subscription is a NO GO but the online shop selling CDs
is a project that we still entertain to achieve.

Thank you to all of you for your support.

Posté par DJ El-Syd
Please refer to previous post above before reading on...

And now, for my personal opinion on this matter:

In this current world nothing comes cheap and nothing is free... I'm sure it costs money for Radio Moris to keep this site going... Sooner or later, there will come a time where income will become an issue in order for this site to continue to function for many many years to come...

I think therefore, considering the current circumstances, in order to keep MASA and the artists happy, Radio Moris should open an online shop and start selling CDs of the artists involved... Which means it is giving people the opportunity to listen to music and then buy the artists' products, which in turns generate income for the artists and there investors as well as money to maintain the site...

Alternatively, charge a nominal fee, which should be reasonable, e.g. RS49.99 or £0.99 or €1.49 or US$1.69, as a monthly subscription to access the service and give some of it to MASA to pass on to the artists...

(Mauritian people don't usually eat "Beans on Toast"... more likely to be "Di bèr Mil & Fromaz Kraft on Toast... (ShehZu knows... lol)
It's not a lot of money to part with and I'm sure the Mauritian People at home & abroad, the People from neighbouring Islands in the Indian Ocean as well as other nationals from around the world would think it's a fair thing to do...

And there's nothing wrong to consider doing both...
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