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Vieux 05/06/2004, 06h23
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Well, I didn't know that it has been on the News. When was that ?

True. It's a shame for MASA to think that this site promotes piracy. I think the aim behind this site is to bring the Mauritian, Rodriguan, Seychelles and Reunion communities from all over the world together. And we do so by sharing our passion for local music. RadioMoris helps to promote the local culture and reminds us of our identity. It helps us maintain our attributes from our motherland.

I’m proud to be a Mauritian and proud to be part of RadioMoris community.

Cheers to RadioMoris team and everyone who helps to promote our culture.

In most things in life, you will always have people who disagree with what you do. Let's not get discouraged by this !. Let's strengthen our culture and let's "met lafaya ensam".

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