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Vieux 04/06/2004, 21h14
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Messages: 1 on MBC News has recently figured on MBC news. While folks at MASA strongly protested that this sterling and premiere SEGA website as being a massive blow to our local artists, one thing immeadiately comes to mind; "those guys are either really stupid and making 'as if' they are!". Does MASA know the meaning of the term "promotion"?? I've personally bought dozens of original Music just because I've heard only one song on this site that spoked loud to me. In fact, I believe that is a great way to promote the Mauritian Music to the world. It's such a shame that MASA, such a powerful representation of local artists is cocooned to believing that this site has anything to do with piracy or whatever! It is only during such times of new age and technology that you see the real parties that will succeed - MASA definitely droped a dozen bottles of rum to associate with piracy. Those guys are definitely off on intellectual tangents and terms here. I personally have dozen of commercial websites and thank god I have nothing to get associated with the "local" authorities or I'll surely hate this country; but the SEGA is here, my Colombian princess inspires me more than ever and "rocks" so my blessings to this website and may it really help spread the word about Mauritius and Mauritian Music to the world. -- Ashvin
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