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1991 December - Legislative Assembly approves the transition of the nation to a republic within the Commonwealth.

1992 March - Prime Minister Jugnauth declares Mauritius a republic. Legislative Assembly redesignated National Assembly and incumbent governor, General Ringadoo, becomes president.

1992 June - MMM member Cassam Uteem elected president.

1994- Cyclone Hollanda leaves 1,400 people homeless and causes $81million in damage.

1995 December - MLP leader Navin Ramgoolam becomes prime minister.

1999 February - Creole singer Kaya dies in police custody, prompting four days of rioting among Creole community.

2000 - Mauritius secures a seat on the United Nations Security Council for the first time.

2000 - September - MSM leader Sir Anerood Jugnauth becomes prime minister.

2000 November - High Court in London rules that Britain acted unlawfully in driving the inhabitants of the Chagos archipelago from their homes in 1966. Many of the exiles settled in Mauritius.

2002 February - Cassam Uteem resigns as president, refusing to sign controversial anti-terrorism bill. Vice president also refuses to sign and resigns. Head of legislature becomes acting president and passes legislation into law.

2002 - Karl Hoffman elected president by National Assembly.

2002 - "Cyber Cities" plan launched to create concentrations of hi-tech facilities and boost economy.

2003 - Anerood Jugnauth hands over leadership of MSM to his son, Pravind.

2003 August - RadioMoris Is Born

2003 September - Anerood Jugnauth hands over power to Paul Berenger, who becomes the island's first non-Hindu premier.
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