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Vieux 23/05/2004, 14h26
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G'day MoiKiLa,

The governing body is MASA, Mauritius Society of Authors. They have a website: I suggest u get in touch with them for queries on copyrights. There is a Copyright Act online. So, check it out.

I'm in australia too !!. VIC, 3083. I went to "Lafaya festival" - was pretty good. Well done to C.H.A.R.M !.

Hey, Merci le Chef! I'm also VIC 3169!!! . Thanks a lot for the promo and I'm glad that you enjoyed the 'La Faya' festival!

We're actually holding another dance on the 5th of June! We're going to have about 8 entertainers there (performers as well as musicians!) so let me know if you want to come. my email is : We're going to also be launching a DVD covering La Faya on that night as souvenir to help with our fundraising cause for the next 'La Faya'! let me know if you're interested in this too! and remember that we're always looking for volunteers !!!
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