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Vieux 22/05/2004, 01h56
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Copyright in Maurice...

Does anyone know who the governing body for copyright is in Maurice?

I need to get some info about using some segas etc... on a DVD that we're going to be marketing to support eh group C.H.A.R.M (Cultural Historical Association for Rodriguans and Mauritians) in Australia. We had a festival ("La Faya!!") that was held in Melbourne mid March (to coincide with L'independence) and are now making a DVD covering the event.

Basically I just want to find out how long the copyright lasts for etc... we're a non-profit organisation (goal to promote Mauritian culture in Oz) and have approached some artists in Mauritius but some of the fees they're asking for is ridiculous... I know that in Australia Copyright lasts for 50 years after the artists has passed away....
Would appreciate any info you can give me.
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